Booth Talk Series Schedule
Vintage and Antique Engagement Ring Selection: How to choose and purchase “The One”
Exhibiting Name: Jewels by Grace
Present: Grace Lavarro
Booth: 1539
Shopping for vintage and antique engagement rings is a daunting task – it’s a journal that is deeply personal, challenging, and daunting at best. I will speak about how to choose the perfect ring for you (or your intended), how to navigate all the choices out there, and how to choose one that is deeply personal, unique, and reflects the wearer’s personality, character, and uniqueness.
Raising Cane
Exhibiting Name: Antique Cane World
Presenter: Gary Durow
Booth: 2109A
In America, there were 1,500 patents for gadget canes by 1915. Guns, swords, surgical instruments, fishing poles and microscopes were all built into a cane. Canes weren’t made to hold people up, they wore them, they made a statement of who they were. Hear fascinating stories about these canes and those who used them.
Susan Tosk and David Cole of Orientations Gallery will discuss Japanese artworks that were featured at the great World’s Fairs and International Expositions from the 1870’s through the 1920’s.
Exhibiting Name: Orientations Gallery
Presenters: Susan Tosk and David Cole
Booth: 1923
Japan dazzled the world at the great World’s Fairs and International Expositions from the 1870’s through the 1920’s. Showcased will be their distinctive and sophisticated cloisonné enamels, inlaid metalwork, gold lacquer, textiles, ceramics, carvings and much more. We plan to have examples of all of these at the show. We will be glad to share our experience with the attendees with in-depth explanations of the techniques of creation, thematic imagery, and history. Featured in particular will be textiles, as Gallery Director Susan Tosk is a contributing author to the recent scholarly publication “Re-Envisioning Japan: Meiji Fine Art Textiles”.
Discover the Women Designers of the Georg Jensen Silver-Smithy
Exhibiting Name: Drucker Antiques
Presenter: Bill Drucker
Booth: 1214
Discussing inspired design in Danish Modern Jewelry by Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube, Nanna Ditzel, Bente Bonne, Astrid Fog and others.
The Colorful World of Buttons by Bruce Beck
Exhibiting Name: The Button Box
Presenter: Bruce Beck
Booth: 2030
Be amazed while you learn and discover the Beauty, History, and Artistry of Antique & Vintage Buttons from the 18th, 19th & 20th century. You won’t want to miss this extraordinary opportunity.
Barometers, technological masterpieces of the 18th century, and today
Exhibiting Name: Barometer Fair
Presenter: John Forster
Booth: 1118
There are not that many antiques that were wonders of the scientific world 200-250 years ago, and are still functioning today, using the exact same science. Many clocks have been modified (ie, have had their mechanisms removed, and replaced by a quartz movement), although paintings, silver and furniture, while frequently antique and original, do not display any scientific function. A barometer that measures the height of a mercury column, works in an air-conditioned home, and predicts the weather, is still a useful and beautiful addition to every home decor today.
Chronology of Roman Emperors
Exhibiting Name: OCN Ancient Jewelry, Coins & Maps
Presenter: Suraj Joshi
Booth: 1411
The focus to show how we come about the criteria and placement of Roman emperors in our understanding and organization of numismatic collections. How I have chosen the inclusion and exclusion of certain figures from our imperial list. Discussing in many instances how complex the question of who is or is not an emperor as the empire fractured and evolved through the centuries.
Unearthing Artistic Treasures in France: from Modernism to Contemporary Art
Exhibiting Name: Carole Pinto Fine Arts
Presenter: Carole Pinto
Booth: 1528
Paris was the artistic and cultural capital of the world at the turn of the XIXth century, attracting artists from all over the world who came to study at the rigorous academies and to exhibit their work at the prestigious art salons. Whether escaping political persecution or seeking artistic inspiration, these painters would gather at Gertrude Stein’s apartment and exchange artistic and philosophical ideas. This resulted in a rich crosscurrent of styles and creativity, and gave birth to a staggering wealth of artistic output which added great novelty to traditional French art. Come and explore this fascination period, which gave birth to the important Modern Art movements of the XXth century.
Punk Rock, Time Travel, Jewelry!
Exhibiting Name: Jason McLeod Jewelry
Presenter: Jason McLeod
Booth: 1860
Jason McLeod talks about his experience and perspectives as a jewelry designer and goldsmith, immediately followed by a chance to ask questions and meet him. He’ll offer insights about what has contributed to his professional life, including years as a punk and rock & roll musician, and how time travel and quantum physics influence his design and approach to making jewelry and art. Please join us – Jason looks forward to meeting you!
Varieties of Asian Antique Collecting
Exhibiting Name: JSD Antiques
Presenter: James Dolph
Booth: 1010
The Asian Cultures are some of the oldest in the world, as a result there are antique in a variety of categories over a period of more than 4000 years. This talk will be an introduction to the many kinds of collecting that are possible in Asian Antiques and will Focus on China & Japan. Examples from JSD Antiques collection from different periods will be used.
Identifying Georgian Jewelry: Genuine, Fake, and Revivals
Exhibiting Name: Lisa Kramer Vintage
Presenter: Lisa Kramer
Booth: 2024
Georgian Jewelry is phenomenally popular right now and the market is currently flooded with fakes. Being able to tell the difference between genuine and fake is often a matter of the details of design and construction. This will be a hands-on presentation showing you the most commonly-used construction techniques of Georgian jewelry compared to that of later Georgian revival pieces. You will also get to see contemporary copies and come away with resources that will help you learn more in the future.
The man who hit the mother lode – John Mackay
Exhibiting Name: Antique Cupboard
Presenter: Angela Dreis
Booth: 1933
We recently acquired a set of silver Tiffany custom made for John Mackay, the man who discovered the Comstock Lode. In 20 years, the mine yielded the equivalent of $565 Billion in today’s dollars. It took Tiffany 1 million-man hours to make the 1200+ piece set in 1877 and 1878. It was then sent to the Paris Exposition where it won the “Grand Prix”.
Dutch Decorative Arts 1880–1940 From Art Nouveau to Art Deco and Modernism
Exhibiting Name: Battledor Ltd.
Presenter: Dennis M V David
Booth: 1302
An innovative and important period in fine and decorative arts, the international Art Nouveau movement changed the perception of decoration and the landscape of Art in general, becoming more stylized and fluid – open for innovation, experimentation and interpretation. Influencing the applied arts, the new style in overall production ushered in other movements from the De Stijl, Art Deco and various other schools of Modernism. A rich trove of examples from important manufacturers such as Rozenburg, Delft, and South Holland, have come out of this period in The Netherlands, and we have some very good pieces to showcase, from original artwork, books, prints, statuary, ceramics and porcelain. A Collecting passion that started in 1986, our appreciation of the creativeness during this period has not waned.
The quality and elegance of utilitarian items in years past
Exhibiting Name: Patricia Funt Antiques
Presenter: Patricia Funt
Booth: 1507
Patricia Funt will talk about the way even utilitarian items in the past were made beautifully and were made to last. She will show a number of small antique items whose present day counterparts are sadly most often mass-produced or disposable. Starting with a stunning 18k gold purse compact with lipstick from the 1930’s and going way back in time to a Georgian silver seal for closing those letters with style.