Booth Talk Series Schedule
OCN Ancient Jewelry, Coins & Maps
Speaker: Suraj Joshi
Booth: 1412
Topic: The most important women of the Roman Empire as seen on coins
A discussion on the influence these women had on the history of Ancient Rome, lasting legacy. Their relationship with the emperors and interesting details of their personalities.
Lisa Kramer Vintage
Speaker: Lisa Kramer
Booth: 2024
Topic: The Use of Rock Crystal in Antique Jewelry
Rock crystal has been used in jewelry since antiquity. This talk will focus on its use in jewelry from the Georgian era through the Art Deco period and will show how rock crystal has been used to emulate more valuable gemstones; its use in fine jewelry; and some of the myths that have sprung up about “pools of light” and how to identify them.
Patricia Funt Antiques
Speaker: Patricia Funt
Booth: 1507
Topic: What Animal Images Bring to Antiques
Patricia Funt of Patricia Funt Antiques will explore the topic of animal representations in antiques, and she’ll show a wide range of her favorite animal pieces. The animal connection has been in art forms since the earliest days of man, so why are these images used so often, and why are people so drawn to them?
Orientations Gallery
Speakers: Susan Tosk & David Cole
Booth: 1923
Topic: Japanese artworks representing animals: real and imaginary, religious and secular, from the 18th to 20th centuries.
The booth lecture at Orientations Gallery will complement the acclaimed exhibition this summer at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC: “The Life of Animals in Japanese Art”. Showcased will be animals in distinctive and sophisticated cloisonné enamels, inlaid metalwork, gold lacquer, textiles, ceramics, carvings and much more. We will be glad to share our experience with the attendees with in-depth explanations of the techniques of creation, thematic imagery, and history.
Barometer Fair
Speaker: John Forster
Booth: 1118
Topic: Barometers, technological masterpieces of the 18th century, and today.
There are not that many antiques that were wonders of the scientific world 200-250 years ago, and are still functioning today, using the exact same science. Many clocks have been modified (ie, have had their mechanisms removed, and replaced by a quartz movement), although paintings, silver and furniture, while frequently antique and original, do not display any scientific function. A barometer that measures the height of a mercury column, works in an air-conditioned home, and predicts the weather, is still a useful and beautiful addition to every home decor today.
Haig’s of Rochester
Speaker: Paul Haig
Booth: 2101
Topic: Chinese Textiles: Ming to Ching.
Join Paul Haig in a conversation about Chinese textiles, with a concentration on the Ming to Ching time period. Through a PowerPoint presentation, he will discuss the types and general evaluation of Chinese textiles found on the market today. Participants may bring textiles for identification and discussion.
Carole Pinto Fine Arts
Speaker: Carole Pinto
Booth: 1528
Topic: What Constitutes Value in a Work of Art?.
The value of a work of art is predicated by a number of factors including its authenticity, quality of workmanship and execution, condition, rarity and subject matter, and provenance. Using as backdrop her collection of late XIXth and XXth century paintings, Carole Pinto will explore the issues impacting pricing and will offer advice on how to develop a critical eye when purchasing artwork.
JSD Antiques
Speaker: James Dolph
Booth: 1001
Topic: Varieties of Asian Antique Collecting.
The Asian Cultures are some of the oldest in the world, as a result there are antique in a variety of categories over a period of more than 4000 years. This talk will be an introduction to the many kinds of collecting that are possible in Asian Antiques and will Focus on China & Japan. Examples from JSD Antiques collection from different periods will be used.
Samuelson’s Diamonds
Speaker: Ron Samuelson
Booth: 1815
Topic: What Are Your Old Diamonds Worth?
Ron Samuelson discusses sustainability and buying recycled diamonds vs lab grown diamonds. Ron will also talk about market trends and the second hand value of diamonds today.
Antique Cupboard
Speaker Phil Dreis
Booth: 1933
Topic: The Surging Value of Tiffany Mixed Metal Silver.
In the last year Tiffany Mixed Metal flatware and hollowware has exploded in price, making these pieces greatly sought after by collectors. Some of these extremely rare and desirable pieces will be on display.